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Planning A San Pedro Belize Wedding

belize-wedding-blog-51-jpg If you are looking for information on our seamless beach destination wedding process and the staff member who makes those dreams come true, then look no further. We are pleased to introduce Carolyn Stone, Director of Sales! Having been on staff for more than 10 years, Carolyn knows the ins and outs of both Las Terrazas Resort and Ambergris Caye and all that it takes to host fabulous group parties and events on our Caribbean beach front property. She is commonly referred to as a "Wedding Coordinator" by the couples who choose to marry in Belize, but her actual title is Director of Sales and Marketing for Las Terrazas Resort. She wears many hats throughout her work day, including Director of Sales and Marketing, where she is responsible for daily sales efforts and digital advertising; Revenue Manager, in which she oversees the Reservations Team and manages all room rates and inventory; and Group Sales and Events Manager, where she secures group contracts and plans all events. Carolyn has twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry, coordinating large scale events such as Cirque du Soleil to much smaller anniversary and family dinners, including serving as the Director of Catering for a 4-star hotel in Houston. Carolyn is based in our Houston office (a great place to work, although it doesn't have to same view as the beachside office in Belize!), where she creates events in conjunction with wedding couples or corporate clients along with our team on Ambergris Caye, Belize. The event planning process is so thorough and efficient that as the date of the event nears, Carolyn is able to seamlessly pass it off to our experienced Las Terrazas Resort team. Before your plane lands in Belize, our General Managers, Assistant General Manager, Housekeeping, Chef, and Food and Beverage Manager will be prepared to perfectly execute your dream wedding. In addition to coordinating with the event staff at Las Terrazas Resort, Carolyn also collaborates with vendors on all the details such as entertainment, photography, flowers, and more. Often times these working relationships turn into personal friendships, like the one that Carolyn and Olivera Russo share. As a photographer who shoots many weddings here at Las Terrazas, Oli says: "I met Carolyn Stone years ago, and I was struck by her professionalism and the way she was involved in her business. I love working with people who are dedicated to their work, who care about the smallest details, and who are always checking what I need to make things better. We constantly chat about our weddings and events, and when we meet in person, we constantly talk about our work. "I absolutely love working with Carolyn. She values her work and treats her clients like her friends. Passion for her job is what defines her. A happy personality, she makes you feel comfortable the moment you enter her office. She values my input and she is doing her very best to give her clients the best experience they ever had. "A successful business requires one thing: PASSION, and Carolyn is one of the most passionate people I know about her job. Even if I talk with our clients and I know all the details, I always double check with Carolyn and she always replies back to me with smallest details, making sure nothing falls between the cracks. For these reasons and so many more, I love working with her!" We know that some couples might be concerned to hear that their wedding planner is not actually on site for their big day, and we want to alleviate those fears. What begins with a thorough questionnaire evolves into a detailed Banquet Event Order that subsequently allows for plenty of emails, phone calls, and conversations to follow in order to plan the most spectacular and intimate weddings. Additionally, Las Terrazas Resort is actually known for hosting the largest weddings on Ambergris Caye. What makes them so truly successful is that Carolyn and the team are in constant communication during the planning process as well as while the event is taking place. Despite her absence during the beachfront ceremonies, the resort team is faithful to send Carolyn photos, videos, and updates that allow her to manage the details from afar if need be. If Carolyn's resume and experience are not enough to quell any doubts you may have about planning a wedding remotely, we know a bride's perspective sure will. Carolyn is known for her personal interest in the couple and often arranges to meet with brides to hear their wedding dreams in person. Amy Dauble-Madigan married in Belize in June of 2017 (read all about why they chose Las Terrazas Resort for their destination wedding here and had this to say about working with Carolyn: "Carolyn went above and beyond for us, making everything unique to what we wanted for our special day and our special vacation with family. We never felt like there was a delay in communication or that we couldn't let Carolyn know our requests. Actually, I almost felt like she gave more attention because she was planning the wedding long distance. Her email responses were super fast and that was great when you have random thoughts as a bride of possibilities and want to check with your wedding planner first. We were able to just send a quick email and get an almost immediate response rather than have to wait for a phone call and/or a meeting. However, with that said, she was also available for phone calls to chat with me and my husband and despite being in different cities, she even offered for in-town meetings! We didn't feel the need to meet with Carolyn before our wedding, but we loved her (and our wedding) so much that she actually came to the airport during our layover in Dallas to give us a hug and say congratulations right after our wedding! It was so lovely to have that kind of genuine level of care and sincere effort she put into our wedding planning and the relationship you create doing so! "Carolyn puts her brides first. She is trustworthy and committed to making everyone feel confident in their day before they go to Belize. When we requested a coconut rum punch toast instead of a champagne toast - Carolyn said that has never been done before, but she'd be willing to make it happen! And ta-da! It happened. When we wanted our own arch for the ceremony, she said her team could build one. There was never this pressure to do anything that wasn't in our vision. It was very customized, but also with nice suggestions from someone who has been doing this for so long! Carolyn knows the lay of the land, how things work, what her team can do and she's also confident, which makes you feel like everything will go seamlessly. We never felt like her being a long-distance coordinator lacked detail or confusion once we got there on wedding day. "Carolyn is friendly, personable, relatable and confident. These are all qualities I wanted in someone to help me plan my special day. Honestly, we picked Las Terrazas Resort specifically because of her personality and expertise. In my opinion, it was hard to find wedding planners specifically in Belize who are as relatable, realistic, friendly, warm, excited and as much of an expert as Carolyn is." Our guests love Carolyn… and Carolyn loves our brides, grooms, and their weddings just as much. When asked what she loves about planning destination weddings at Las Terrazas Resort, she emphasizes the simplicity of the destination. The décor is our white sand beach, gently swaying palm trees, the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean Sea, with the second largest barrier reef system in the world as a backdrop. Because the focus of a Las Terrazas Resort beach wedding is not on the material items like décor and party favors that are more typically highlighted in a Pinterest-style wedding, the couple has instead selected our Belizean hotel with a desire to focus on each other as well as their closest family members and friends. When planning weddings at her previous hotel in Houston, Texas, weddings consisted of 200 or more guests—most likely people that were not in the couple's day to day life. On the contrary, those who are genuinely closest to the bride and groom will go to the expense of attending a beach destination wedding on Ambergris Caye, making it especially intimate and memorable. carolyn-and-amy-blog-51 Our Director of Sales Carolyn Stone is highly professional and personable and is the woman you want to make all of your Belize destination wedding (or group event) dreams come true. Her experience and personality combine together as an unstoppable force that wows couples with her beautifully crafted, flawless, and intimate wedding ceremonies that they will cherish and remember for the rest of their lives. Contact Carolyn to begin planning your wedding or event today.