Las Terrazas Belize Resort | 5 Reasons To Choose A San Pedro Belize Hotel Over A Rental Property

5 Reasons To Choose A San Pedro Belize Hotel Over A Rental Property

In today's modern world, we are privileged to have a variety of options when it comes to vacation lodging. From hotels and motels to resorts, bed and breakfasts and even the more recent inception of vacation home rentals, the opportunities are endless, and choosing a place to stay can be overwhelming. When planning a "bucket list" vacation such as Belize, we invite you to explore not only Las Terrazas Resort but also other independent Belize hotels for your unBELIZEable vacation. Below are just a few reasons why we believe that hotels are the best choice for once in a lifetime vacation destinations like Ambergris Caye. 1. Live in Luxury While Airbnb-type options are great when it comes to experiencing a home away from home, the wonderful thing about taking a tropical vacation is that you aren't at home-you're in paradise! While staying at a Belize luxury hotel like ours, you should expect nothing short of extravagance. Resorts are unique in that they provide both the casual comforts of home while doing so in style. An independent Belize hotel offers what a vacation home rental simply cannot - a luxe lifestyle for the entirety of your stay. More specifically speaking, at Las Terrazas Resort, we do all the dirty work for you! While cooking is certainly an option (and groceries stocking services are available), O Restaurant satisfies all of your nutritional and foodie needs without you ever having to lift a finger to filet a fish or wash a plate.  Our on-site restaurant is run by head Chef Nolvin Catalan, who provides the perfect fusion of international, Caribbean, and Central American cuisine, from traditional comfort food to fine dining. While staying at Las Terrazas Resort in Belize, you won't have to spend your precious vacation time cleaning either. Vacation homes often require mandatory fees for housekeeping service, and yet many tend to tack on check out instructions that are required of guests before they can leave. Not so at our boutique resort! Our staff provides daily housekeeping services where your entire residence will be cleaned and your amenities restocked. We also offer an evening turn-down service, allowing you to enter a room that has been prepared with your ultimate comfort and relaxation in mind (ask us how you can treat your travel partner to locally crafted truffles at bedtime!). Why cook and clean if you don't have to? At Las Terrazas Resort, you're on vacation and we allow you to fully live like it.2. Contribute to the Community Local island resorts are a great way to contribute to the community. Many travelers look for opportunities to give back to the communities that they are visiting and booking your stay at a local hotel does just that. While vacation homes primarily benefit the homeowner alone, staying at a local hotel or resort helps contribute to society overall. Hotels have many employees and staying at one will help contribute to the local economy and job market, which will help Ambergris Caye and beyond to flourish. Not only that but when you stay at Las Terrazas Resort, our small staff will become a part of your vacation experience. We love posing with you in your vacation photos and sharing what life is like on Ambergris Caye. At Las Terrazas Resort, you aren't just contributing to the community - you are connecting with real hearts and lives. 3. Personal assistance at your service Unlike many motels and vacation homes, island resorts offer the Belizean warmth and hospitality of a staff that is designed to meet your every need. Rather than spending your time on Google figuring out what to do or staring at maps to get from point A to point B, our Front Desk and Concierge teams are ready and willing to help with all local arrangements and suggestions. From reservations at island restaurants, to planning all of your excursions and transportation needs on the island of Ambergris Caye to the mainlaind, our friendly and professional staff family is available for any questions or special requests during your stay at Las Terrazas Resort. Let us help you plan the best vacation possible! 4. Large group accommodations People often opt for vacation home rentals because they believe that they will best accommodate their large groups and families. And while that is certainly a perk to Airbnb and other rental companies, don't assume that resorts are just for couples or small groups. The unique thing about Las Terrazas Resort is that we don't just offer rooms, we offer residences. Families and large groups can book one to two story residences with two to three bedrooms and floor plans ranging from 1,000-3,000 square feet. Put the notion of a hotel room aside and embrace the reality of what we actually offer - glamorous Caribbean beach front homes, garden view luxury villas, and Penthouses with private plunge pools or Jacuzzis on their private balconies to name a few. 5. Affordable prices Many people often assume that Airbnb, VRBO, and other vacation home properties are more affordable than resorts. However, the prices are more comparable than many think. While home rentals may initially appear to be cheaper, the fine print is where it all adds up. By the time taxes and cleaning fees are added to the bill, the final price is often the same as a resort bill—without a hotel's amenities. Not only that, but resorts offer deals and specials to make their property even more affordable. Be sure to check out Las Terrazas Resort's Specials and Packages page to learn about how you can escape and save at one of the best places to stay in Belize. As you consider your vacation to Ambergris Caye, we encourage you to consider our luxury spa resort to meet your lodging needs. We truly believe that our Belize property, and others like it, will allow you to live your best life on your dream Belizean vacation. Click here to book your stay today!